In the manga and anime series One Piece, the notorious Grand Line is a network of strange islands that spans the whole planet. It is broken up into various parts, each of which is stranger and more dangerous than the one that came before it. Pirates who sail into the second half of the Grand Line are known to refer to the first half as “Paradise” because to the fact that it seems to be more welcoming than the second half. Still, you’re going to have to journey throughout the globe if you want to get to the position of King of the Pirates in Blox Fruits.

A sizable Board may be found on the game’s Starting Island, and it points to a certain area on the island. This is the Game’s Map, if you Will. You will find a total of seven different sites on the map. A few of them will have certain numbers printed on them. There will be one of these sites that has a symbol of a Skull and Swords. That is the island where we will begin. The Islands may be located precisely where they are shown on the map within the context of the game. The numbers that appear on them represent the Island Level Requirements that must be met in order to enter them. It serves more as a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. You will find the following on the Map of Roblox Blox Fruits:

Blox Fruits map which is showing 7 locations

All Islands, Locations, and Level Requirements

The First Sea or Old World


  1. Starter Pirate Island/Starter Marine Island
  2. Jungle
  3. Pirate Village
  4. Desert
  5. Middle Island
  6. Frozen Village
  7. Marine Fortress
  8. Skylands
  9. Prison
  10. Colosseum
  11. Magma Village
  12. Underwater City
  13. Fountain City

The Second Sea

The Second Sea, or the New World, contains a total of 10 different landmarks. You can access the second world after completing the military Detective NPC quest in the Prison POI. Remember, you can only take the quest if you are level 700 or above.

  1. Kingdom of Rose
  2. Usoap’s Island
  3. Green Zone
  4. Graveyard
  5. Snow Mountain
  6. Hot and Cold
  7. Cursed Ship
  8. Ice Castle
  9. Forgotten Island
  10. Dark Arena

The Third Sea

The Third one is unlocked by reaching Level 1500 & completing King Red Head’s quest located underneath the Colosseum.

  1. Port Town
  2. Hydra Island
  3. Great Tree
  4. Floating Turtle
  5. Castle on the Sea
  6. Haunted Castle
  7. Sea of Treats