Bird: Falcon

The Falcon fruit is an Uncommon, Beast-type fruit in Blox Fruits that is relatively affordable and easy to obtain, costing $300,000 or 650 Robux and having an 11% chance of being in stock at any given time. It also has a high spawning chance of 9.5%, making it easy to find while playing. However, this fruit is not highly recommended due to its low value for its cost, small hit box, and limited AOE, which makes it poor for fast leveling, farming, and PVP. It may be used for fun or if no other options are available.

General Information About Bird: Falcon Fruit

Fruit Bird: Falcon
Money $300,000.00
Robux 650
Type Beast
Rarity Uncommon
Stock Chance
Spawn Chance
Ability Level 1, 1, 80, 120, 20

Blox Fruits Falcon Moves List

Key Move Mastery Tier Rank
 Z Plumage 1
 X Wind Burst 1
 C Bone Crusher 80
 V Soaring Talons 120
 F Flight 20

Pro Of This Fruit

This fruit is known for its good mobility, making it suitable for gun and sword users. It is also useful for chasing enemies that have been knocked back. It has decent AOE, making it a solid choice for various playstyles.

Cons of This Fruit

This fruit may not be the best choice for players who primarily use fruits, as it has a small hitbox that can make it difficult to land hits. It requires good aim to be effective and its attack can be easily dodged. Additionally, it has low damage and only has one AOE move, which can limit its usefulness in certain situations.

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