The Kilo fruit is a common, natural-type fruit introduced in Blox Fruits update 15. It is inexpensive and always available for purchase for $5000 or 50 Robux. There is also a high chance of finding it while playing the game, with a spawning chance of 13%. However, the Kilo fruit is not highly regarded by players, as it only provides mediocre AOE damage when the player is lifted and dropped. It is not a particularly useful fruit, especially when compared to other options, and is not worth using unless you are a new player and do not have access to other types of fruit. Once a new fruit is obtained, it is recommended to switch from the Kilo fruit.

General Information About Kilo Fruit

Fruit Kilo
Money $5,000.00
Robux 50
Type Natural
Rarity Common
Stock Chance 100%
Spawn Chance 13%
Ability Level 1, 20, 50, 75

Blox Fruits Kilo Moves List

Key Move Mastery Tier Rank
 Z 10,000 KG 1
 X 20,000 KG 20
 C 50,000 KG 50
 F Lighten 75

Blox Fruits Kilo Combos

What combo you will use depends on your in-game situation, who you are fighting with, and what you want to achieve. It is best to spend some time testing all possible combos, and by doing that, you will learn how to use what works best for you and also how to counter it. So go and test Kilo in a game. These are Some Examples:

  • Kilo F + Kilo Z + Kilo X + Rengoku X (Knockback Chain)
  • Kilo F + Kilo C + Electric C + Kilo Z + Kilo X + Dark Blade X (Stun Chain)
  • Death Step V + Kilo F + Kilo C + Death Step Z + Death Step C + Kilo Z + Death Step X (One Shot Combo)
  • You can further grow/extend the combos depending on your skills.

Important Tips

The suggested races for using this fruit are Mink and Fish, as they can help improve ground mobility and dash distance (Mink) or prevent damage in water (Fish). This fruit is one of the few that can effectively counter enemies in the air, so it can be a useful advantage in battle. However, it can be challenging to hit opponents who are not on the ground, and using Fish or Mink can provide an escape plan if moves fail to land and the player is stuck in water for 5 seconds, which puts them at a disadvantage. It is recommended to choose one of these races for optimal performance with this fruit.