You have arrived at the correct location if you are interested in learning how to get confetti in Blox Fruits. The ongoing event that is being held in celebration of the Roblox game surpassing the milestone of gaining ten billion visits and one million subs is packed with additional things to do, such as collecting Blox Fruits confetti and obtaining free goodies from the party store.

How to get confetti in Blox Fruits?

There will be an in-game event with a new coin called confetti to commemorate the fact that Blox Fruits has had 10 billion unique visitors. As a result of the fact that you may buy numerous boosts and fruit with this confetti at the party store, gathering it is essential if you want to get any of these products.

You will be able to get confetti from non-playable characters in the environment that are dressed in festive party hats. Simply interacting with them will earn you some. In addition to all of that prize confetti, there are other chests strewn over the area. In either case, you only have an hour’s worth of time to collect 100 pieces of confetti, after which you must go on to another activity until the counter is reset.

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