List Of All Fruits in Blox Fruits

As of Update 18 Part 1, there are currently 35 fruits in the game. 20 of them are Natural, 10 of them are Elemental, and 5 of them are Beast.

Fruit Price (Money) Price (Robux) Type
Kilo $5,000.00 50 Natural
Spin $7,500.00 75 Natural
Chop $30,000.00 100 Natural
Spring $60,000.00 180 Natural
Bomb $80,000.00 220 Natural
Smoke $1,00,000.00 250 Elemental
Spike $1,80,000.00 380 Natural
Flame $2,50,000.00 550 Elemental
Bird: Falcon $3,00,000.00 650 Beast
Ice $3,50,000.00 750 Elemental
Sand $4,20,000.00 850 Elemental
Dark $5,00,000.00 950 Elemental
Revive $5,50,000.00 975 Natural
Diamond $6,00,000.00 1000 Natural
Light $6,50,000.00 1100 Elemental
Love $7,00,000.00 1150 Natural
Rubber $7,50,000.00 1200 Natural
Barrier $8,00,000.00 1250 Natural
Magma $8,50,000.00 1300 Elemental
Quake $10,00,000.00 1500 Natural
Human: Buddha $12,00,000.00 1650 Beast
String $15,00,000.00 1800 Natural
Bird: Phoenix $18,00,000.00 2000 Beast
Portal $1,900,000 2000 Natural
Rumble $21,00,000.00 2100 Elemental
Paw $23,00,000.00 2200 Natural
Blizzard $24,00,000.00 2250 Elemental
Gravity $25,00,000.00 2300 Natural
Dough $28,00,000.00 2400 Elemental
Shadow $29,00,000.00 2425 Natural
Venom $30,00,000.00 2450 Natural
Control $32,00,000.00 2500 Natural
Spirit $34,00,000.00 2550 Natural
Dragon $35,00,000.00 2600 Beast
Leopard $50,00,000.00 3000 Beast

If a player were to purchase every fruit in the game using Robux, it would cost a total of 45,825 Robux. If they were to buy each fruit once with in-game currency, it would cost 33,632,500 BeliIcon. However, it is not recommended to buy fruits with in-game currency, as they cannot be re-equipped at any time like fruits purchased with Robux can be.

There are a few important things to know about fruits in Blox Fruits:
  • Fruits that are dropped will remain in the game, but those purchased with Robux are permanent and can be equipped at any time. Those purchased with in-game currency will not be permanent.
  • Using a fruit while in water will cause the player to lose a significant amount of health, with the exception of the Ice, Magma v2, Human: Buddha v2, Fish race v2/v3, and Sand fruit.
  • Players can remove their current fruit by visiting the Remove Blox Fruit NPC located in the Prison (1st Sea) or Castle on the Sea (3rd Sea), but it is not recommended.
  • Permanent fruits are tradable, but players must choose to store them when purchasing. They can also be gifted to oneself.
  • If a player switches to a different fruit, the mastery will still be saved. If the new fruit is awakened, it will remain in its awakened state. To change an awakened fruit, players must speak to the Awakenings Expert and pay a fee in Fragments.
  • The Smoke and Blizzard fruits are the only Elemental fruits that cannot be awakened.
  • Fruits in the 2nd and 3rd seas can be exchanged for certain items, events, or quests.
  • Purchasing a fruit with in-game currency from the Blox Fruit Dealer will replace the current fruit being used.
  • Fruits cannot be un-stored in the 1st sea, but this issue was fixed in the Update 17 Part 3.5 (Christmas Update).
  • It may be more beneficial to obtain a fruit through the Blox Fruits Gacha, as there is a higher chance of getting a good starting fruit than a poor one. However, it is not recommended for players on high levels.