Cursed Ship Location In Blox Fruits

The popular Roblox game Blox Fruits continues to get fresh content updates, including new weapons, monsters, and other items. It’s an action-adventure game in which you have to choose whether you want to play as a marine or a pirate (which doesn’t change anything other than whose side you’re on), and then you enter a huge area that’s full of different stuff to find and investigate. You will encounter foes to fight, non-player characters to converse with, and merchants to make purchases from as you go about the landscape.

Your goal is to become the most powerful user on the map, leveling up and finding fruits that help you in your quest. There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them require you to be at a specific level to go into. We will talk in this post about Cursed Ship Location. Some codes willcodes that will help you on this island.

The Cursed Ship is adjacent to the Graveyard POI on the western edge of the map. This area requires levels 1000 to 1325 to enter.

Cursed Ship Location In Blox Fruits

Basic Information

Name  Cursed Ship
Island The Second Sea
Direction Adjacent to the Graveyard POI. Present on the western edge of the map.
Required Level 1000 to 1325

The Cursed Ship is an island/ship that was introduced in Update 12 and is located next to the Graveyard. Players can access the island by jumping on the deck or climbing the rope of the ship and then entering the black door. Once inside, players will be teleported to the interior of the ship.

To enter you have to be at least Lv. 1000


The Cursed Ship offers various types of enemies for players to defeat, each with different levels of difficulty and rewards. The Ship Deckhand, for example, is a suitable option for players who are around level 1250 as they have elemental immunity. However, the Ship Engineer is a bit more challenging as they have enhancement abilities that bypass elemental immunity. The Ship Steward is another option for players around level 1300, and they also have elemental immunity. Lastly, the Ship Officer is a challenging option for players around level 1325, as they also have enhancement abilities that bypass elemental immunity. Each of these enemies offer different rewards for players who are able to defeat them, such as experience points and money.

Things To Know About Cursed Ship

  • The theme of the Cursed Ship is called “Uneasy Decision” which was composed and written by Roblox.
  • The Cursed Ship is located beside the Graveyard and players can access it without having to reach level 1000.
  • There are several ways to enter the Cursed Ship such as using Flash Step or the Door’s C move to teleport inside.
  • However, there is a kill barrier that prevents players from killing each other inside the ship. Additionally, players can fly to the Cursed Ship by going to the Dock at Kingdom of Rose Area 1 and then navigating forward to the outside of the ship and using Flash Step to enter.
  • It’s worth noting that if a player holds a move while being teleported, they may be glitched into the middle of the sea. The Master of Enhancement can be found underneath the right staircase when entering from the outside.

All of the enemies have a chance to give you 1 Ectoplasm, each of which can be turned in for the following items:

The Midnight Blade is available for purchase at a cost of 100 Ectoplasm. The Ghoul race can be obtained by paying 100 Ectoplasm and also obtaining a Hellfire Torch. The Bizarre Rifle can be bought for 25 Ectoplasm and the Ghoul Mask can be obtained for 50 Ectoplasm. These items can be obtained by farming the NPCs inside the Cursed Ship which drop Ectoplasm.

The Cursed Ship also offers items that can be purchased with Ectoplasm, a currency that can be obtained by defeating the enemies on the island. These items include the Midnight Blade, Ghoul race, Bizarre Rifle, and Ghoul Mask. Each of these items have different costs and can be useful for different things in the game. Additionally, there’s a raid boss called the Cursed Captain that spawns at the Cursed Ship, with a 1/3 chance of spawning every night. He drops Ectoplasm and has a slim chance of dropping the Hellfire Torch, which is a required item for the Ghoul Race. The chat will announce “A shiver runs down your spine” when he spawns. After defeating him, players will also receive a small chance of receiving Blue Spikey Coat or Red Spikey Coat (regardless of level)

There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them actually require you to be at a specific level to go into. We Have Also Covered More Locations You can check out it Ice Castle Location and Forgotten Island Location. If We have missed something you can comment us. We will add it in our posts. Happy Gaming 🙂