Fountain City Location In Blox Fruits

The popular Roblox game Blox Fruits continues to get fresh content updates, including new weapons, monsters, and other items. It’s an action-adventure game in which you have to choose whether you want to play as a marine or a pirate (which doesn’t change anything other than whose side you’re on), and then you enter a huge area that’s full of different stuff to find and investigate. You will encounter foes to fight, non-player characters to converse with, and merchants to make purchases from as you go about the landscape.

Your goal is to become the most powerful user on the map, levelling up and finding fruits that help you in your quest. There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them actually require you to be at a specific level to go into. We will talk in this post about Fountain City Location. There are some codes that will help you on this island.

Fountain City can be found right behind the Colosseum on the floating island. Fountain City requires level 625 to 700 to enter.

Once you have discovered everything in the First Sea, you can explore the Second Sea (sometimes called the New World) which contains 10 different landmarks. You will need to complete the quests from the Military Detective NPC in the Prison POI before unlocking this area.

Fountain City Location In Blox Fruits

Basic Information

Name  Fountain City
Island The First Sea or Old World
Direction Floating island right behind the Colosseum
Required Level 625 to 700

The Fountain City is the final destination of the First Sea, and also the largest island in the area. To access the island, there is a small station located in the south which has boat dealers and a staircase that leads to the upper level, where the Spawn Point NPC and NPC Freezeburg are located.

The island is home to the Galley Pirates, a group of pirates who control a third of the island and wield swords. Players are advised to grind and level up to 675 while fighting these NPCs, as they do not have any enhancements.

There are also Galley Captains, who are a more advanced version of the Galley Pirates, but it is not recommended to farm them as they do not have the ability to coat their fists with enhancements.

The boss of Fountain City is a cyborg named Cyborg, who is capable of dealing high damage punches and missiles and has a large area of effect.

Important Things To Know About Fountain City

  • Fountain City is surrounded by shallow water that does not harm players who have consumed a Blox Fruit. Additionally, there is a blue chest located on top of the fountain.
  • Players can use the island’s terrain to their advantage by trapping the Galley Pirates and Galley Captains against a short wall and attacking them with ranged attacks. However, players should be cautious of any skills that the NPCs may use.
  • Lastly, Fountain City is the final island in the First Sea.

There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them actually require you to be at a specific level to go into. We Have Also Covered More Locations You can check out it Kingdom of Rose Location and Usoap’s Island Location. If We have missed something you can comment us. We will add it in our posts. Happy Gaming 🙂