Jungle Location In Blox Fruits

The popular Roblox game Blox Fruits continues to get fresh content updates, including new weapons, monsters, and other items. It’s an action-adventure game in which you have to choose whether you want to play as a marine or a pirate (which doesn’t change anything other than whose side you’re on), and then you enter a huge area that’s full of different stuff to find and investigate. You will encounter foes to fight, non-player characters to converse with, and merchants to make purchases from as you go about the landscape.

Your goal is to become the most powerful user on the map, levelling up and finding fruits that help you in your quest. There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them actually require you to be at a specific level to go into. We will talk in this post about Jungle Location. There are some codes that will help you on this island.

Travelling North East from the Starter Island Dock, you will get to the Jungle, which requires level 15 to 30 to go onto. This will be the first island you will want to check out.

In this area, there is an NPC Adventurer – a Quest Giver as well as Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin – whom you can try to purchase Blox Fruit from.

Jungle Location In Blox Fruits

Basic Information

Name  Jungle
Island The First Sea or Old World
Direction Travel in the northeastern direction from the Starter Island dock
Required Level 15 to 30

The Jungle is an island in the First Sea. It is meant for players between level 10-30 to level up on, making it the second lowest-level island. The Jungle consists of two islands, one smaller than the other, each with different enemies. The larger island is filled with trees and stone buildings. Both islands also have tiles that turn green when touched, which is a part of the Saber Expert Puzzle. This island is also great for finding fruits because there are more trees here.

On the larger island, Monkeys deal high damage to new players and are scattered around the island. The lake in the middle of the island holds a temple with a bridge where the Quest giver NPC Adventurer is located. The second part of the island holds Gorillas and the Boss, Gorilla King (which also deals high damage along with the Monkeys), along with some of the pressure plates for the Shanks Puzzle.

The Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin is also located here at the rock where Shanks spawns. However, when buying from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, it is recommended to have your PVP off as there are many campers who will attempt to kill you for bounty. If you’re killed with a fruit, it disappears risking a very good fruit, especially if PVP is on. Therefore, it is recommended to get BTR Roblox so you can find smaller servers in the server list or you could also just make a VIP server.


The Jungle island in the First Sea is designed for players between level 10 to 30 to level up in. As part of the island’s quest, players are required to defeat a certain number of Monkeys, Gorillas, and the Gorilla King. Defeating 6 Monkeys will reward the player with $800 and 2300 experience points. Defeating 8 Gorillas will award the player with $1200 and 4500 experience points. Lastly, defeating the Gorilla King will give the player $2000 and 9500 experience points as a reward.


There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them actually require you to be at a specific level to go into. We Have Also Covered More Locations You can check out it Pirate Village Location and Desert Location. If We have missed something you can comment us. We will add it in our posts. Happy Gaming 🙂