Skylands Location In Blox Fruits

The popular Roblox game Blox Fruits continues to get fresh content updates, including new weapons, monsters, and other items. It’s an action-adventure game in which you have to choose whether you want to play as a marine or a pirate (which doesn’t change anything other than whose side you’re on), and then you enter a huge area that’s full of different stuff to find and investigate. You will encounter foes to fight, non-player characters to converse with, and merchants to make purchases from as you go about the landscape.

Your goal is to become the most powerful user on the map, levelling up and finding fruits that help you in your quest. There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them actually require you to be at a specific level to go into. We will talk in this post about Skylands Location. There are some codes that will help you on this island.

For the Skylands, you will need to have flying spell abilities, then you will need to fly up from the centre of the world to find the floating islands in the sky. You will need to be level 150 to 200 to enter these islands, but there are other areas within these islands that require level 450 to 575.

Skylands Location In Blox Fruits

Basic Information

Name  Skylands
Island The First Sea or Old World
Direction  You will need flying spell abilities to reach Skylands. You can find an island floating in the center part of the world.
Required Level 150 to 200, additional unlockable areas at Level 450 to 575
  • The Skylands are a mystical and ethereal place, made up of floating islands made of clouds.
  • Located east of the Jungle, the Skylands can be accessed by a small sea island, with small clouds connecting to larger islands.
  • Recently, in Update 17 part 2, the Skylands (with the exception of Upper Yard) have been connected by bridges, making it easier to explore the different islands without the need to fly or air jump.

First Island

  • The first island in the Skylands is a crescent-shaped sea island, home to boat dealers.
  • Visitors to the island will find a variety of rocks scattered throughout, including one hiding the Mad Scientist.
  • One of the unique features of the island is a picturesque lake fed by a waterfall from one of the higher Skylands islands.
  • Explorers can also uncover a normal chest hidden behind one of the rocks on the island.
  • It’s worth noting that this island is peaceful and has no enemies.

Second Island

  • The second island in the Skylands is an exciting change of pace, as it’s the first island in the Skylands to be made entirely of clouds.
  • Adventure-seekers should be prepared for a challenge, as the island is home to four level 150 Sky Bandits.
  • One of the highlights of the island is a large church temple, where you can find Yoshi – the seller of the powerful Tomoe Ring.
  • The island also features a single gold chest located on the stairs of the center church building, perfect for treasure hunters.
  • Something to keep in mind is that the Quest Giver NPC is located on the fourth sky island, so players looking to grind will have to make a bit of a trek.

Third Island

  • The third island in the Skylands is the smallest of the bunch, with a compact grassy area that is home to six trees and four level 175 Dark Master enemies.
  • Unfortunately, the island isn’t particularly noteworthy, with the Dark Masters themselves not posing much of a threat.
  • On one side of the island, there is a single, flat rock that doesn’t offer anything special.
  • There are no NPC’s present on this island, with the island being primarily focused on combat and farming.
  • However, this island is ideal for farming purposes, as the quest giver NPC is closest to this island and it has 1 chest near the rocks.

Fourth Island

  • The fourth island in the Skylands is where you’ll find all of the NPC’s and also it’s the respawn location for players.
  • This island is a bustling hub of activity, featuring a collection of houses and buildings, including a Master Sword Dealer.
  • Explorers will find plenty of chests to loot throughout the island, including a Diamond chest in one of the buildings.
  • The island is shaped like a crescent, similar to the first island, and features an infinite waterfall cascading down to the first island.
  • One of the most interesting places to visit is a building with a door that can be destroyed by the Dark Blade Z, inside you will find one of the three Love letters.
  • There is a building with a special feature, if you enter it and look at the ceiling, you will see a line of text saying “fudd10”, redeeming said code will give the player BeliIcon 1.
  • This island is just a couple meters away from the entrance to the Upper Skylands, which contains the gateway to it.


There are lots of different locations that you can make your way to, but several of them actually require you to be at a specific level to go into. We Have Also Covered More Locations You can check out it Prison Location and Colosseum Location. If We have missed something you can comment us. We will add it in our posts. Happy Gaming 🙂